Wire Flex ATTACHMENT COMBS with soft material Edges designed for wigs and hairpieces


When a form of attachment is needed to secure your hairpiece or wig, this is a one of simplest forms of security to consider using! They can be sewn onto the base almost anywhere you need to have some extra secure attachment.    

There is seam material sewn across the top edges of all our wire flex combs: (see photo below of selections) Here is what they are made to do: 

  • Enables you to better secure the comb to your hairpiece by sewing through the seam material onto a wig or hairpiece in any position or angle that provides a more comfortable & secure attachment to one’s own hair. Plus by adding one extra stitch to the side teeth of the comb to the hairpiece base, it will keep the comb in place in a way that it cannot turn or lift up from the base of the hairpiece. 
  • Our soft seam material cover will protect the side edges of the wire teeth as well as the entire top portion across the entire top portion of the comb so that the contact of the comb is softer and more comfortable to the wearer; plus it protects your own hair and/or the hair of the hairpiece from the possibility of tangling with the flex comb.  Should snap comb clips bother you then this would be a great alternative as a means of a softer secure attachment for may hairpieces and wigs. Simply remove other clips on a hairpiece and replace them with just a little light sewing; it’s really easy to do!   

Helpful Hint: 


  • It is a good idea to hand stitch the very side teeth (about half way down the length of the comb) to base of hair unit; this prevents the comb from lifting or inverting during attachment.

Available in various width of 5-Teeth, 7-Teeth & 10-Teeth sizes. Each size is available on Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown. Taupe,  Blonde  or  Light Grey  seam material covers. (see photo below for seam material colors and teeth quantity sizes). 

When ordering please be sure to state the quantity of teeth as well as the color of the seam material cover that is closest to the hair color of the hair piece; and of course, how many of each you wish to order! 


01-11 pieces = $2.50 each
12-24 pieces = $1.75 each
25 or more pieces = $1.25 each

If you would like to order any of these products, please call our toll-free number (1-800-526-7627) or email us at: “[email protected]”.

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