Tortoise Shell Barrettes


New Tortoise Shell Hair Barrettes in “Oval” and/or “Rectangular” Shapes for holding your hair in place all day long! Taking your hair from falling forwards into face to holding it back with new fashion beauty!

Strong spring like arm opens and closes easily with a slight touch; pull hair back, side open arm of barrette into own hair just under your gathered hair, close barrette.

Interesting note: these are the same hair barrettes that we connect with our hairpiece collection called “Snap-On Express Collection (e.g. see our style# 235 within this web site). When you order one of these hairpieces you get one each of these same hair barrettes included with the hairpiece.

Order two (2) barrettes and save!! one is $3.00/2 pcs are $5.00.

Note about postage: our default ordering system automatically states a price of approximately $12.00 for ground shipping, but when items are smaller we override the cost and send them cheaper through either post office or UPS.


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