Tape Rolls – Double-Sided Clear Tape



Double-Sided Clear Tape Rolls

All tape rolls are clear once the paper liner has been peeled off.  The paper liners are different colors to depict the different strengths and uses for each type of tape.

WHITE: White Liner tape is a more popular hairpiece tape for those that prefer only a daily bond. It has the less tack than all other hairpiece tapes, but it’s still very secure and ideal for daily wear.
RED: Red Liner tape is the classic tape for daily wear. Slightly more tack than generic white liners, you can use this tape on its own or as a primer tape for stronger adhesives. Get up to 3 days wear. 

GOLD: Gold Liner Tape (also known as Super-Tac tape) is the strongest holding tape.  This tape is for extended wear bond. It boasts an incredibly long-lasting hold time of up to 2-3 weeks per use (not recommended if you are removing daily).
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