Synthetic Hair Care


KleansIt:  Concentrated Synthetic Hair Shampoo (with Fabric Softener)

Look of Love KleansIt Concentrated Shampoo has been specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse your synthetic or fiber/human blend wig or hairpiece.  A rich blue color formula that comes in an easy-measure 8 oz. container.

  • Formulated to wash clean without leaving hair dry or brittle; contains built-in fabric softener for softness and eliminates damaging static electricity.
  • Never leaves a residue.
  • Low suds for easy rinsing.
  • Enhances sheen and increases manageability.
  • Odor Eater formula leaves hair with a clean, fresh scent.

ConditionIt:  Spray-on Leave-In Conditioner (Contains Fiber conditioner concentrate and fabric softener)

Specially formulated for synthetic and fiber/human blends.  Designed to eliminate damaging static electricity and dryness which are the leading causes of frizzing.  It smooths the hair fiber perfectly, provides ideal protection against damage from over brushing, and helps extend the life of your hairpiece..

  • Spray-on with each wearing as well as after each washing.
  • Dries on the hair leaving a protective coating.
  • Increases longevity when used in conjunction with KleansIt Shampoo.
  • A “must have” product for shoulder length or longer wigs/hairpieces, especially where hair rubs shoulders!
  • Super concentrate allows you to dilute and extend for daily uses.
  • Add 1 oz. in final rinse water after washing for an outstanding conditioner – acts like a fabric softener.

VolumeIt:  Spray-on Volumizer Gel/Mousse

A liquid gel/mousse for synthetic and fiber/human hair blends.  VolumeIt is a rich formula designed to cling into each strand of hair; once dry, it actually increases the denier, or hair thickness, which increases the texture and manageability.

  • Makes dry, frizzy ends cling together resulting in a healthier wet look.
  • Re-dampen with a mist of water and it will re-ignite the gel/mousse like new time after time! Re-application is necessary after each washing.
  • Particularly excellent on curlier styles – Spray on, pick through and watch it work.
  • VolumeIt leaves hair with a light healthy looking texture.


StyleIt:  Synthetic Holding Hairspray

StyleIt is specially formulated pump (not aerosol) holding spray for synthetic and fiber/human hair blend wigs and hairpieces…  Here’s why:

  • A light spray of StyleIt will provide hours of superior styling protection; even hold firmly in wind, rain or high humidity!
  • Never makes hair feel stiff or sticky and no flaking!
  • Completely Water Soluble – Designed to wash off in water/shampoo solution.
  • Leaves your wig or hairpiece with a light, clean scent!

ShineIt:  Spray-Mist Hair Glosser with Silicone

Ideal for adding the LIKE-NEW SHEEN to older or recently washed synthetic or fiber/human hair blend wigs and hairpieces.

  • The Silicone ingredient dramatically enhances the sheen of synthetic fibers. Plus, allows combs and brushes to pass through hair easier.
  • Professional Stylists: This product works wonders when used in conjunction with steaming to remove frizz!  Adds a deeper, shinier new look to any synthetic wig or hairpiece.
  • Works wonderfully on ANY synthetic or blend wig or hairpiece, not just ours!


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