TOPPER, Integration, base 5″X 5″, pre-curled fiber hair, style# HBT-XTRA


A great HAIR INTEGRATION unit for those with larger areas of thinness at the top and/or crown areas. Look of Love’s style# HBT-Xtra, can be attached vertically or horizontally. This hair volume intensifier offers larger extended integrated coverage than some of our smaller units; and the best part is that it is designed to be blended in with your own hair where you need it; but you do not need to blend any of your own hair in as the hair volume is full enough to wear on it’s own without any of your hair being mixed in.


  • Hair length: 5″ (12.7cm)
  • Base: 5″ (12.7cm) wide X 4″ (10.16cm) front to back
  • Curl pattern: about the size of a half dollar coin.
  • Stretchable base wefting with 4 snap comb clips for attachment
  • Made of 100% Kanekalon fiber blends with slightly pre-teased roots for extra fill-in capacity!
  • Uses: add extra fullness to thin areas on head and or add beautiful natural highlights by using a color slightly lighter than own.
  • LC:4453   LS:9491


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