Topper/Integration hair filler, HBT-Elite-6H, Human Hair 6″ hair length


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A  very thin light weight hair topper/filler that’s 100% all hand ventilated with 6″ lengths of human hair throughout! Style# hbt-elite-6H, is a thin base hairpiece design that allows for multi-directional styling which only hand tying can do. Adds the perfect amount of extra hair to those areas where there is moderate to severe thinning. Open slits in the base allows you to pull through some of own hair allowing easy integration in with your own hair; this thin poly base offers the most in natural transparency; is also full enough that it can be used without integrating own hair. Can be attached from side-to-side at top or crown areas of head.

Customers have also viewed our other similar integration toppers, styles# HBT-4x6H and HBT-4×4 (synthetic hair version).


  • Integration Pull-thru Poly skin Base
  • 100% Highest Quality Human Hair; with 6″ hair lengths throughout.
  • 100% Hand Ventilated for Multi-directional; re-enforced PU base for long life
  • Base Size:  5” side-to-side with 3 open slits for integration.
  • Attaches with 2 snap comb clips at each side of base.
  • Weight: 0.9 oz
  • D-LC:12055  D-LS:41806
  • L-LC:82304   L-LS:32107


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