Style #EZ-16H – Easy Streaks- 16″ Human Hair Mini Spot Filler/color highlighter on snap comb clip


When you need to add a little extra volume and fullness to your own hair but not too much, then this is the smallest human hairpiece we made that does so much!  Use them for other reasons as well; add contrasting color highlighting,  add a little extra hair for better fuller curls and up do’s! When just a touch more hair is all you need; then this is for you! And of course, with human hair you can use curling irons, flat irons, rollers to make and match any wave pattern you want!

* Add Volume:  Select a color to match your own hair… UNDETECTABLY!

* Add Instant Color Highlighting Streaks:  Choose a lighter hair color to add color highlighting within with your own hair color; their fast, easy, and with No chemicals!

*Purchase our white hair color# 60 in 100% human hair and you can easily add or dye any bright party colors to create stunning blue, reds, yellow or any other color you can imagine!! It’s a STREAK OF Fashion Fun for your hair! 

* Add Contrast and Low lighting:  Low lighting is a fun and attractive effect for adding darker hair colors in contrast tones to your own hair color!.


  • Made of 100% Human Hair.  You can use various curling irons on human hair to style matching your own hair curl pattern.
  • Hair Length: 16″ (40.64cm)
  • Wave pattern: soft wave to straight.
  • Attachment:  Single snap comb clip  


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