Style #BFM-310 – Hair Extension, Long hair Ponytail with butterfly clip attachment!


This unique clip on hairpiece is an instant hair extension that adds length to your own hair style!  But this hairpiece is different in two ways; long and straight or upside down it becomes layer with more waves!
Fashion fun is really all about “HAIR”!
We created this style for the woman who likes versatility. Pull own hair up into a short pony with an elastic and cover it with this beautiful new hair style! This gorgeous hairpiece can be clipped on to your own hair to create a long all-one-length ponytail or turn it upside down to get a longer layered look.

Another big advantage of this hairpiece base design is that you can remove the butterfly clip completely from the base, then place the oval base over top of your own pony tail using  pins to hold it in place.



  • Hair length: 17″ (43.18cm) to 22″ (55.88cm)
  • Made of 100% Kanekalon fiber blends
  • Curl pattern: soft and straight with slightly curled under ends, as shown.
  • Attachment: Attaches with medium size butterfly clip (3.75”)
  • Weight: 1.7 oz (with clip)


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