Style #977-S A Professional Haircut styled Wig, close nape with longer sides, natural soft waves, not too full or thick!


A truly luxurious hand crafted hair replacement wig personally designed by our wig designer Robert Anzivino! Robert, who is also a licensed hair stylist in N.J., visited several high end hair salons in the New York metro area and arrived at this style after watching an assortment of hair cutters latest looks in hair cutting. 

This style cut duplicated one of the most sought after hair styles being featured in salons today. You’ll notice how the longer tapered sides sets this style apart from other “Bob” styles. Along with the extra length and volume added at the back area of the head; this overall new style design adds dimension and style to one’s own head shape thereby enhancing a “New Look Just For You”!!

NEW!: Features a new “Illusion” front hair line with delicately hand ventilated hairs that duplicate the look of natural growing hair from your own hair line. It has a remarkable natural appearance, (especially appealing for those who experienced some type of hair loss); you’ll love the unbelievable naturalness whether parted or off the face style directions!

Mono Filament Hand Ventilated Silk Top – Especially natural for those who have experienced hair loss and want the ultimate in naturalness being able to see your own scalp through the silk top material). Top mono area can be parted to suit your own style directions. You Will Not Be Disappointed!

Cool Capless Wig Cap: The wig cap at back and sides are made of cool capless ribbons which allows body heat to pass through the material easily. Between the transparent mono-filament top and the capless wig cap design, this is truly a most comfortable wig to wear and look great at the same time!

Made of a New Heat Resistant “FUTURA” Fiber Hair: Futura adds longevity and a natural beauty to this style because it is made of POLYESTER hair fiber (and not a mod-acrylic fiber). Futura Hair Fiber has less sheen and appears like naturally clean head of hair .Futura wigs can also be professionally re-styled like new after many wearings. (ask us about this service).

Wig Cap Size: designed to fit a standard 21” to 22” (53 to 56 cm) circumference. **Can be altered to fit slightly smaller head sizes; ask us about how to do this. 

Velcro Adjustment Sizing Tabs: these adjustment tabs at the back nape area of wig can make wig tighter or looser by placing the tabs either in closer or farther apart from the center.

Polyurethane Tape Tabs: one inch square shaped tape tabs are featured at both side temple areas for those who experience severe or total hair loss problems. they are there only if needed but in no way interfere with normal wearing. Double-faced tape can be used to affix wig to head for a secure strong attachment for sports and other high endurance activities (see our double faced tape collection).


  • 100% Polyester Futura Fiber Blend: This new “State Of The Art Futura Fiber” is more heat-resistant than other fibers because it is a polyester material, not modacrylic fiber. Plus, this new polyester hair fiber does not have that “artificial” glossy shine.
  • Hair Length is 4″-5” (10cm-13cm) at the front, 5″ (13cm) at sides, 7″ (18cm) at the top, 9″ (23cm) at the crown and 3″-4″” (8cm-10cm) at the back and nape area.
  • Features a new lightweight cool capless construction with a hand tied Monofilament Silk Top and Illusion Front Hairline .
  • Average Cap Size : Fits 21” (53.3cm) to 22” (55.9cm) head size.
  • Soft Velcro adjustment sizing tabs at nape area.
  • 1” Tape Tab areas at temples for those who need secure attachment,
  • An ultra soft nape pad material for extra comfort
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