Style #281 – Long S-Wave & Round Roller Set Ponytail on Wing Combs


(LP# 92701)

A sexy looking mid-back length hair extension featuring a dual curl pattern that adds excitement to your overall new look! This exciting hair extension comes attached to a set of interlocking wing combs that slides and locks into your own hair with ease and secure holding power. You’ll love this one! 

Comes attached to a pair of polystyrene flexible teeth wing combs that interlock for a secure attachment.


  • Hair length: 19″ (48.26cm) at top, building in length to 27″ (68.58cm) at the bottom
  • Made of 100% Kanekalon fiber blends
  • Curl pattern: S-Wave & Round Roller Set.
  • Attachment: Attaches with Interlocking Wing Combs
  • Weight: 



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