Style #189 S “Rachael” – Mid Length Precision Cut “BOB” wig hair style featuring an Illusion Hairline!


“RACHAEL”;  An amazing all one length natural looking “Bob” hair cut wig style that you would think you paid $100. for the hair cut at a high end salon; that’s how good it looks!  Plus it has a natural looking front hairline that you would say to yourself,  “is that my hairline or the wigs?”  And “YES”, it is a wig by @LOOK OF LOVE HAIR.COM!

If you are someone who likes longer hair to surround and outline their face, this could be the style for you! The longer hair lengths close to the face also allow you to easily use your ear like a hook to hold back the hair by wrapping one side of the frontal longer hair around your ear for a dramatic stylish look! (see our photos below). 

You can easily make a part anywhere in the hand made top silk section; so if you want a left or right side part, or even center, this wig style design will make it simply for you!  This hair style has a very soft, smooth, close to the head appearance that duplicates a perfect hair cut style on a healthy head of hair; the hair moves and flows around the head in a most natural manner; you’ll love the touch and feel of the hair! 

The front hairline area is all one length, just past the chin; while the back nape area is closer to the nape but the longer hair from the top meets the shorter hair from at the back nape to create this precision all one-length “Bob” length. The hair lengths flow from the longer front to the back nape area in an almost straight line. 

This new “Bob style cut” wig will not disappoint you! See photos to review all features of this wig design.


  • “Rachael” is made with one of the newest improved heat resistant hair fibers ever created, called “Futura fiber blends”; it moves like silk and duplicates a clean healthy head of hair at it’s finest!  
  • Hair Length is 9” (23cm) at the top, flowing down to a graduated closer nape area of 2.5” (6.4cm). 
  • Features a new lightweight cool capless construction with a fully hand tied monofilament silk top; plus our new illusion front hairline offering an impeccable transition from the forehead to the beginning front hairline.
  • Average Cap Size : Fits 21” (53.3cm) to 22” (55.9cm) head size. 
  • With soft elastic adjustment sizing tabs at back nape area to make cap tighter.
  • Inside of wig cap are “Tape Tab Areas” at both temples for those who may have severe hair loss and need extra secure attachment to the head. (see our accessory page for tape selections).
  • An ultra soft material is used at back nape area for extra comfort.
  • NEW! A special Transparent Non-Slip Silicone head band and/or strip is now available which is designed to give a more secure holding power of wig to the head (see our accessory page).
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