Style #182H – 100% Human Hair Topper @16″ length, fuller thicker with more hair; Mono and poly border silk base @ 6″X6″


This is one of our most popular highest quality all hand made human hair topper we have ever made!  We have refined it to a point of perfection that our customers actually call and e-mail us saying, “Thank you, it’s the most natural looking hairpiece ever”!  We even constructed this topper using longer return hairs so the hairpiece is fuller and thicker right down to the very ends of the finished hair lengths so the hair spreads out around your entire head evenly fuller!  We personally examine and refine each hair pieces to be sure they are in perfect condition before they are sent to you!  Try one of ours and you’ll know that not all human hair topper are made equal!!! This one’s worth the price!

This quality hair topper is designed so that you can be wear it right up to your front hair line; our hand made front hairlines are made exceptionally natural to do this! Or you can wear it a little farther back as a Mini Fall and blend it in with your own hair!. You can use it in it’s original design for longer hair styles or it can be trimmed and restyled into any number of custom layered styles around the face leaving the back longer. Remember, because it is 100% human hair you can re-style it over and over like a pro using curling irons and/or flat irons for straighter styles. Only 100% human hair will allow you to do this kind of re-styling!! 

“We think it is one of the best buys if you compare the quality first!”


  • Hair length: 16″ of 100% Human Hair.
  • Weight:  approx 3.4 + oz.
  • Base coverage: 6″ (15.2cm) across, 6″ (15.2cm) front to back; Concave in shape for a better contoured head shape fit! 
  • Attaches with 4 snap comb clips. For those with severe hair loss, remove clips at front and back to reveal tape tab areas for the use of double faced tape.
  • Made using a comfortable double layer of transparent monofilament silk, with a boarder of polyurethane for strength and durability; also features quality underventing around entire perimeter. Quality in design; Naturalness that becomes your own!  
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