Human Hair Topper # 118 H


(LP# 92701)

Look of Love’s style# 118-H Base size is 6″ X 6″ on concave shape Mono-Silk Base 100% All Hand Ventilated human hair at 8″ hair lengths, made on 2 layers of transparent monofilament silk with a 3/4″ polyurethane perimeter.  You can easily remove the clips in order to use double sided toupee tapes for attachment in areas where there is no hair. The base is made with transparent mono-filement silk material that allows body heat to pass through.

  1. The attachment of this hairpiece is clean and simple. It arrives with four color coordinated snap comb clips designed to match the color of the hair. There is an Alternative attachment whereas the front and back areas underneath the clips have a one inch square of clear tape-tab polyurethane, which if you choose, you can remove the clips and use double faced toupee tapes to affix a securely where you have no hair to use clips.  (see accessory page for various types of tape).
  2. We use the highest quality human hair available throughout the hairpiece. The hair lengths are approximately six (6” to 78″) at frontal area to a longer (8″) eight inches throughout the top and back half of the base; it is made with a medium to full hair density for a most delightfully natural appearance.
  3. The luxury of hand ventilation cannot be compared to anything else when it comes to styling and versatility. The hand-ventilated knots actually have the ability to turn with your styling directions. Also, the disbursement of the hand ventilated human hair is so even because every square inch of the base has hair evenly ventilated into it; you would think it is growing out of your own scalp! When you wet the hair (down to the roots) you can easily re-style the hair in any direction desired. Let it dry in that direction and then simply touch it up with a curling iron or roller set; it’s that easy! Hot irons are ok to use on our human hair toppers!
(Need smaller coverage than what this style offers? Then see out style #113H, everything is the same except it is a smaller base size at 5” X 3.3/4″.
  • 100% Highest Quality Human Hair; (Note: lighter hair colors will cost slightly more than darker hair colors due to the added expense of the extra hair coloring processing).
  • 100% Hand Ventilated (hand tied) Monofilament Silk Material with Polyurethane border.
  • Hair Lengths – Six Inches (6” to 7″ front area) increasing to 8″ at top and back areas.
  • Base Size – 6” front to back  X 6” from side to side. Has under vented perimeter.
  • Attaches with 4 snap comb clips (or clips can be removed to use tape/adhesives)
  • Medium to full Density for Most Natural Appearance
  • Weight : 1.9 oz


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