Style 106 – SPIKIE STYLED “HAIR SCRUNCHIE” on round stretchable base!


Lets “Spike it up” with Look of Love’s hair scrunchie, definitely offers a new updated hair style that adds an upbeat hair style to your own hair!  Now you can turn your ordinary hair day into an updated youthful style in just minutes! 

Having one of our new “Spiky” scrunchies at your finger tips can quickly add an instant look of excitement to your own hair any time any place! Their simple to use, simply pull your hair back, make own hair into ponytail with a separate elastic (supplied); wrap the elastic base hair scrunchie around your own a couple of times and you’re out the door with an exciting new hair look!   

  ******NEW ATTACHMENT FEATURE*******Visit our sister style: Style #103: The “CHIGNON HAIR SCRUNCHIE” to review all the new updated attachment features added to this style#106  as well.  The new tiny loop features allows you to slide in small combs, clips and or pins for extra secure attachments:  Both Style #103 and Style #106 has the same new loop attachment features! 


  • Made of 100% Kanekalon (synthetic) Fiber Blend. 
  • Hair length is approximately 6″ (15.5 cm) throughout. 
  • Softly spiked semi-straight wave pattern that stands outwardly.  
  • Made on round elastic ponytail holder base.  With tiny elastic loops for extra secure attachment for optional comb OR PIN attachment features (See also Style #103 for new added attachment features).
  • Weight:  1 oz. 


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