Style #105 – 22″ fine Hair Switch With 3 Tier base so easy to braid, Elastic Loop Connection makes own ponytail fuller/longer.


A hair switch or braid made special for those who have finer hair of their own.  Here’s a super fine 22″ long hair switch that is made on a triple tier base with an elastic loop at the top end to make your own hair into a ponytail, but with some extra hair to join in making your pony longer, fuller, and more beautiful!  It is also so easy to make into a braid because the 3 tier base separates evenly with exact amounts of hair within each section of hair. Other styling uses; once attached this switch makes the most beautiful CHIGNONS for use at the crown or lower back nape area!! Whether braided or left as a switch, simply wrap and twist the hair around your the connection and use bobby pins or fashionable hair stick pins to secure into place. (see our accessory page). 

Is your own pony tail too thin looking? Then join in one of our switches to add to your own pony tail to make your own ponytail fuller and more attractive! OR chose a different color of hair for your new switch, once attached to your own ponytail hair it can be used a one part of a three part braid featuring a dash of fashionable color! 

The new elastic loop is large enough to slide a butterfly clip or hair comb through the elastic as an extra form of secure attachment to your own hair. (comes with a help hints pamphlet showing various attachment methods and more!)  

Other fashion suggestions: This fine hair switch is also thin enough to use as a exciting new fashion accessory by adding a second contrasting hair color!   You can color coordinate your clothing by choosing a bright fashion color; or blend in two different natural hair colors for a fun and exciting frosting look!  As an example; for a wedding hair-do use a pure white piece (color# 760-Whitest white) braided in between your own hair as a third piece of a 3 section braid; the fashion color then weaves in and out in between your own hair braid;  then make a chignon and adorn with beautiful wedding jewelry!! 

They can offer a lot of fashion fun for weddings, special occasions, and/or a great new look for an every day “pick me up” hair fashion!!  ****Plus there inexpensive too! 


  • Hair Length: 22″ (51cm)
  • Hair Type: 100% Synthetic Kanekalon Fiber Hair
  • Attachment: come with strong pony tail elastic loop at top for connection; also a butterfly clip easily can slide inside this elastic loop and use as a “clip-on” pony tail as well! 
  • Comes as a switch with a very soft wave pattern but is very easy to make into a 3 tier braid; comes with an extra elastic.
  • If you prefer us to pre-braid it for you, let us know when ordering.




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