Style #103 – HAIR SCRUNCHIE – softly pre-curled foxtail wrap, has new secure attachment options!


“FOXTAIL HAIR SCRUNCHIES”; Made with synthetic 5″ hair lengths attached onto a round Lycra elastic band that can be twisted around your own pony tail 2 or 3 times. comes with medium rounded curl patterns.  Now you can turn an unruly head of hair into a fabulous new hair fashion in minutes! A great “take me along” any time your hair needs to look great when there’s no time to do your hair!    

About our new attachment features: If your own hair is soft and fine and you want the scrunchies to hold onto your own hair more securely;  

We added four (4) very small elastic loops within the round base of each scrunchies which can be used in various ways for a more secure attachment onto own hair: 

Method# 1.- simply slide a bobby pin through one of the small loops to help hold it onto own hair before wrapping scrunchies. (see photo)

Method# 2.-You can also slide the teeth of regular hair combs through one or two of these loops to add an extra secure attachment feature. Make a small ponytail of your own hair first, slide comb underneath your ponytail.  

Method# 3.- Using a butterfly clip, sliding the four corner teeth of the comb through the four small elastic loops inside the base of the scrunchies; the loops are sometimes hard to find through the hair but they are there.

Method# 4.- adding a pony tail elastic holder onto the scrunchies to better secure the scrunchies: slide elastic through one of the loops in the base; best to use a bobby pin to easily pull the new loop through the hole of the base loop. (see photo’s below). Use this new elastic pony elastic to first make a strong holding pony tail out of own hair, then wrap the scrunchies around a couple times.      

Now you can feel the freedom and a secure attachment of your new “Hair Scrunchies”; holds securely onto the finest hair textures!


**This new Innovated was designed by Robert Anzivino,  Designer for Look of Love Company:

Any questions about our new “Hair Scrunchies” you can always call our toll-free number (800-526-7627) or email us at “[email protected]”.


  • Made of 100% Kanekalon blended synthetic fiber.
  • Hair Length: Approximately 5″ (12.7 cm) to 6″ (15.24 cm).
  • Wave pattern: Comes with a medium 1  1/4″  curl pattern.
  • hair piece is made on round elastic ponytail holder designed to be wrapped around own pony tail; new tiny elastic loops features added.  
  • Weight: approximately 1 ounce
  • always comb or brush through the hair to loosen hair before using.  
  • Available in many hair colors (see below chart).


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