Interlocking Wing Combs; otherwise known as “Hair Raiser Combs” Set


Wing Comb sets (Hair Raisers) are so very easy to use to hold up your own hair in pony tail.  Simply slide the teeth of each comb up from the side temple areas all the way up till they meet at the back crown of the head; then gently push the teeth together being sure to slide the teeth in between each other until they are securely locked in place.
These same wing combs are also used in many of our Pony Express hair extensions hairpieces; sometimes it may be necessary to replace these combs in your hairpiece should it be necessary. Always sold in sets of  2 combs as they do not work unless you use two together.  
  • Strong interlocking teeth hold hair securely in place.
  • Ideal for thicker hair.
  • Made of durable cellulose acetate.
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