Shampoo & Conditioner made for special for color treated Human Hairpieces and wigs


Specially formulated Shampoo and Conditioner for all our color treated Human Hair Products

HUMAN HAIR is porous in structure and is able to absorb moisture and other conditioners through its cuticle.  Plus, human hair is somewhat elastic.  FIBER, on the other hand, is a sealed strand of hair that is incapable of absorbing anything.  You can only affect fiber by treating or coasting the outside of the strand.  High heat can be damaging.  This difference is why we have created two separate distinct product lines that enhance each unique characteristic.  Only these two following products should be for 100% Human Hair wigs and hairpieces.

If you want to keep your quality human hair wigs and hairpieces looking like new, then these maintenance products are essential.  Remember, that all of our 100% Human Hair products have been chemically colored, and any hair care product used must be for colored hair only.


ShampooIt:  Fortified Conditioning Shampoo

Deep cleans and conditions human hair wigs and hairpieces perfectly because this shampoo is specially formulated for color treated hair..

  • Fortified with vitamins and conditioners to help correct and restore damaged hair cuticle from the effects of hair coloring.
  • Helps strengthen and restore healthy sheen, plus leaves hair softer!
  • Dissolve some first in wash water before submerging, then apply more directly onto hairpiece or wig, if needed.  Rinses easily.


RestoresIt:  Fortified Conditioner & Detangler

Extra strength Spray-On “Leave-In” Conditioner/Detangler for human hair wigs and hairpieces that have been chemically color treated.

  • Helps protect inner structure of cuticle elasticity.  Helps stop breakage.
  • Improves manageability, longevity and sheen for a more natural, healthy look.
  • Helps protect hair from the heat and drying effects of curling irons, blowers, and general styling.
  • After washing, it is essential to apply RestoresIt so that your comb or brush will slide through the hair like silk.  Also it is advisable to apply some directly into your final rinse water; do not rinse out!.
  • The built-in detangler helps protect pieces from hair loss due to breakage from brushing and pulling on snarls and tangles.  A “MUST HAVE” FOR ANY OF OUR HUMAN HAIR PRODUCTS!   

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