HAIR EXTENSION REPLACEMENT TAPES @ 120 strips per pkg. (see other uses below)


A Specially designed Hi-Tac transparent tape made especially for replacing new tapes onto existing hair extensions after removal. These replacement transparent tapes are made with an exceptionally very strong adhesion type of a non-shine tape. They are also very thin and can be placed one tape on top of another when re-loading new tapes. These replacement tapes are made to fit most any hair extension made.

These exceptionally small sized no-shine transparent tapes are also very good to secure certain kinds of clothing to the skin so material will not move off the tape where placed.

This double sided smaller sized tapes are also great for using in certain kinds of toupees, wigs, and hair piece replacements when you only want to use smaller pieces; some tape can be seen through the polyurethane or silk fronts but since these are so small they are hardly noticeable!

Specifications:  Tape strips are packaged 12 individual tape pieces per each strip, times 10 strips per package; which means you get 120 tapes per each package. The size of each tape is approximately 1.5″ x 5/8″  or-(4 cm X .08 cm) each individual strip.


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