STYLE# 942S – Wig long hairstyle past shoulders, Futura fiber



 Wig style past the shoulders in length, pre-styled to gracefully outline you with a new natural looking longer hair style!

Style# 942-S Wig, long past shoulders, soft, natural flowing hair that moves freely with you. Futura hair fiber is the newest innovated “100% polyester life-like hair fiber ever made”, and it is more heat resistant than other any other wig fiber! Features natural-looking illusion front hairline; looks like your own hair growing out from your own forehead! You’ll love the new you in this beautifully long hair style! 

Full bangs is easy and simply to trim into your desired hair lengths; or have your salon professional do it right for you! 

Style# 942-S Features:

  • Silk Top: fully hand made see-through transparent monofilament silk top section that can easily be parted anywhere. The mono-silk top gives the natural appearance of hair growing out from the scalp.
  • Illusion front hairline: the transition from the forehead to the beginning of the wig is practically undetectable!   
  • Cap less wig: The wig cap is made wig a series of ribbons from the mono top down to the nape pad area which allows heat and air to pass through the material easily for a cool comfortable wearing experience!.
  • Futura Fiber Blend: this wig style is made of a new heat resistant polyester hair fiber that adds to the longevity and re-styling capabilities; and it’s not as shiny as other fiber wigs.
  • Cap Size: Wig cap head size is designed to fit a standard 21” to 22” circumference with a standard head size depth to match.
  • Velcro Sizing Tabs: there are 2 adjustment tabs are at the back nape area of the wig cap that can make the cap size fit tighter or looser simply by placing the velcro adjustment tabs closer or farther apart to the center. For extra large head sizes these adjustment tabs can be completely unattached.
  • Tape Tabs: There are 2 tape tab pieces of material at both side temple areas of the inside of the wig cap;  double-faced toupee tapes can be used to secure your wig’s attachment for those who are experiencing nearly complete hair loss. (see our “accessories”).
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