Chin Strap


Chin strap can be used to secure the wig when having the wig cut and styled on your head. This will keep it from slipping and shifting. First you will place the wig securely on your head, being sure that the front hairline is in the correct place and the ear tabs are located correctly. First clip one side to the bottom of the ear tab and then place the strap under the chin and clip to the bottom of the ear tab on the other side. Then adjust the tightness of the strap so that it will be very secure but also comfortable.

Once the wig is secure, you can begin to cut or to style the hair on the wig. The chin strap just provides the added security so that the wig will not be displaced while combing, brushing, or cutting the hair. When the stylist combs the hair at different angles, this will keep it from coming off and from shifting so that the hair cut will be as accurate as possible



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