BANANA COMB CLIP HAIR ACCESSORY; Makes great Pony Tails, 7″ long & opens wide to hold more hair than any other clip!


Our brand new 7″  Pony Express Hair Clip is the  “LARGEST SIZED HOLD-ER UPPER” HAIR CLIP that fits perfectly at the back crown area of the head; it’s made in the same shape or curvature as the back area of your head!  This hair clip is our largest sized hair clip that can hold up more hair than any other standard hair clip in the market! Really!  This Pony Express Hair Clip can hold your own hair up and out of the way with a stunning 7″ distribution of your own hair from the top crown area all the way down to your nape; your pony tail never looked this good!  When it comes to making a great looking pony tail, don’t just settle for that basic “round elastic band pony tail look” any more; but no there’s a brand new way to show off your Pony Tail! 
Great for vacations or any time you want to take your hair from, “messy”, to a whole new off the face finished looking hair style. And believe it or not, it even gives a slight “face lift” effect while using!! 
By the way; this same clip is used in many of our famous “Pony Express Hair Extension Hairpieces! So you know it’s a well made quality clip as we would never use a cheap clip for our very best selling hair extensions!!!   
  • Creates great full bodied ponytails; can be worn down the center at the back of the head area, or worn off center more towards the side of the head for a more exciting different fashion look!  
  • Great for both adults and girls
  • Perfect for medium or thick amounts of hair; this “BIG BITE” clip distributes hair within the 7″ long clip (no need to just settle for that round circle elastic band pony tail look anymore) it holds more hair no matter how thick or long!  (Note: the ruler featured in our photo looks like 6″ length, but if you used a cloth measuring tape and placed it inside the curvature of the banana shaped clip, it will measure at 7″).
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