Look of Love

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  • 100% human wigs

    Human Hair Fall @16″ Hair Lengths, Style# 143-H, Triangular skull cap design spread hair around head best.

  • Hair Extension Clip-on, smallest size hidden under hair, # 284, pre-curled as shown @ 5″ length, synthetic hair fiber.

  • Woman with curly updo hairstyle and sequined outfit.

    Hair Extension on a 7″ Banana Comb Clip; mid-length style# 295, pre-curled Synthetic fiber hair.

  • Clip-on hair extension, layered pre-curled hair lengths, style# BFM-302, synthetic hair fiber, butterfly clip attachment.

  • Hair Extension with largest Butterfly clip-on coverage crown to nape, Style# BFL 300, permanently pre-curled synthetic hair @ 5″.

  • Hair Extension that’s a “Clip on” with a Spikie hair fashion! Style BFM 340, Butterfly Hair Clip inside hair, synthetic hair fiber!

  • Woman with curly hair smiling in blue top.

    Hair Extension, lots of curls, shoulder length, attachment banana comb clip, style# 273, synthetic hair fibers,