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  • 100% human wigs

    Human Hair Fall @16″ Hair Lengths, Style# 143-H, Triangular skull cap design spread hair around head best.

  • Woman demonstrating hairpiece and its placement.

    Topper, Petite Sized hair filler, 100% Human hair, # NTN6H, 100% all hand crocheted base

  • Woman with enhanced hair volume after treatment.

    Clip-in 100% HUMAN HAIR 16″ Accent Hair Extension, STYLE# EZ-16H, adds a touch of Volume and/or an accent of color highlighting.

  • Hairpiece integration and attachment process demonstration on woman.

    TOPPER, base 5″X 5″, integration compatible (looks natural even without integrating), synthetic hair fiber @ 5″, HBT-XTRA.

  • human hair wig for women

    FALL, HAIR EXTENSION made with 30% HUMAN HAIR/70% SYNTHETIC FIBER blend, 16″ hair lengths w/honey comb base design# 142 HB

  • Topper, extended base coverage 6″X6″, STYLE# 159, SYNTHETIC HAIR FIBER, Capless open honey comb base

  • Blonde mannequin head with long hair for styling display.

    TOPPER, larger coverage base, # 414, new Futura heat resistant polyester hair fiber, SHOULDER LENGTH @14″ to 15″, hand made transparent silk top with illusion front.

  • Woman demonstrating hairpiece attachment process.

    Topper, 100% HUMAN HAIR, all hand made on “new ultra thin hand made poly base”, Elite-6H, with 6″ hair lengths; adds delicate new texture within own hair.

  • Hair Extension Clip-on, smallest size hidden under hair, # 284, pre-curled as shown @ 5″ length, synthetic hair fiber.

  • Clip-on hair extension, layered pre-curled hair lengths, style# BFM-302, synthetic hair fiber, butterfly clip attachment.

  • Woman with curly ponytail showcasing hidden hair clip.

    Hair extension, butterfly “claw clip” attachment, curls to shoulders, style# BFM 308, synthetic hair fibers.