curly hair extension

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  • Bfm 343

    LONG HAIR EXTENSION, Curls on Butterfly clip, # BFM 343, dome base allows attachment with or without clip, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Clip-on hair extension, layered pre-curled hair lengths, style# BFM-302, synthetic hair fiber, butterfly clip attachment.

  • 285 b2

    Style 285 – Curly Hair Extension adds layers of soft mid length curls; add volumes of fashion beauty to the crown and back area! On Banana Comb Clip. !

  • Hair Extension, lots of curls, shoulder length, attachment banana comb clip, style# 273, synthetic hair fibers,

  • Hair Extension with butterfly clip-on attachment, # BFM 344, synthetic hair fiber, lots of natural curls past collar lengths!

  • Style #277 – Long Roller Set Ponytail on Wing Combs

  • Hair Extension, clip on, style# 274, longer bouncy curls, Kanekalon synthetic hair,

  • Style #282 – Extra Long Super-Double S-Wave Pony Express Hair Extension; easy attachments!