Tapes / Glues / Removers

Collection of most popular used products of double faced adhesive tapes for connecting wigs n pieces to scalp; there are many different design cuts of tape strips n rolls in various holding gripping powers; some tape even have non-shine effect for use on illusion front pieces. 2 sizes of liquid adhesive n solvent

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  • Glue Remover

    Glue Remover – Lan-O-Sol

  • Ruler and adhesive labels on table

    HAIR EXTENSION REPLACEMENT TAPES @ 120 strips per pkg. (see other uses below)

  • Glue - Clear Waterproof Liquid Adhesive

    Glue – Clear Waterproof Liquid Adhesive

  • DANLYN adhesive remover bottle, 4 fluid ounces

    Glue Remover – Tape Residue and Adhesive Remover

  • White arch shape on black background.

    Tape Strips – Double-Sided Clear Tape

  • Tape Rolls – Double-Sided Clear Tape