Synthetic Integration Pieces

A more serious collection of hair integration pieces that can make all the difference in the world to those with thinning hair. When it comes to looking and feeling better about yourself we offer some of the most unique quality hair accessories and integration pieces that match your own hair perfectly in style, curl and texture as your own hair! We design them so they can blend in with and become a part of your own hair without that thick or heavy texture difference between your own hair texture and that of the extra hair you added in! e know you’ll love this collection!

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  • TOPPER with a fine soft texture of Human Hair at 14″ to 16″, Oblong Thin Base, Base Shape designed for top/frontal or back crown areas, style #262

  • Hairpiece integration process and styled result on woman.

    Topper with Integration Capabilities, Synthetic Hair, 5″to 6″ stretchable base width, blends in naturally (even without pull thru); #HBT-5.5X5

  • Hairpiece integration and attachment process demonstration on woman.

    TOPPER, base 5″X 5″, integration compatible (looks natural even without integrating), synthetic hair fiber @ 5″, HBT-XTRA.

  • Integration Hair Extension for added fullness, HBT-6.5X10, synthetic fiber hair, clip in EXTRA HAIR.

  • HAIR EXTENSION, Synthetic Long Hair @ 18″, Base @ 6.5″, for Back/Crown area of head, style# HBT-6.5×18

  • Woman demonstrating hairpiece and its placement.

    Topper Hairpiece filler, mini sized base, NTN-6, pre-curled ready to use, synthetic hair fiber

  • Woman with hairpiece and hair extension diagram.

    Hair Extension fits underneath own hair from temple to temple wrapping around back of head area with a 11″ wide base, # HBT-11×9/11-HB is a “LAYERED BOB” hair length style with 30% Human Hair for added naturalness and longevity!

  • Mannequin head displaying blonde wig with hairpiece inset.

    Hair Extension, Temple to Temple wrap around head with a 30% human hair blend, offers a layered new hair style; #HBT-11X9/12/16-HB

  • Topper basic Hair Filler style# 152 popular synthetic hair fiber wiglet, light/airy with open space base.

  • Topper, extended base coverage 6″X6″, STYLE# 159, SYNTHETIC HAIR FIBER, Capless open honey comb base

  • Topper, largest coverage base, style# 158, honeycomb capless construction, EZ styling pre-curled synthetic hair fiber!

  • Woman with elegant blonde updo hairstyle.

    HAIR SCRUNCHY OR A MESSY HAIR BUN wraps around own hair like any scrunchy, adds instant glamour at crown area; style# 103.