Snap-On Barretted Hair Fashion

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  • human hair shag

    HAIR EXTENSION ON AN INTER-CHANGABLE HAIR BARRETTE, E-Z ATTACHMENT ONTO OWN HAIR AT NAPE, features mid–length wavy curls for back nape, synthetic hair fiber, style# 125.

  • Hair Extension on Hair Barrette, it’s a Curly fashion accessory for back area; style# 234, synthetic hair fiber that permanently curled.

  • Hair Extension on a barrette, Style #266, a pre-Braided hair fashion accessory that clips-on at back area of head.

  • Hair Extension on a hair barrette; Style #319, An S-Wave Barrette attachment @ 21″ hair lengths, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Hair Extension with Long wavy curls, Style #322- A Long S-Wave Fall with Hair Barrette Attachment, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Hair Extension on a Barrette, clip-on a “Fashion Chignon”; attaches at nape; comes with 2 inter-changeable Barrette System, style# 235, synthetic hair fiber