Synthetic Clip-on Ponytails

Synthetic Banana Hair Clips Ponytail is a collection of instant to wear fashionable hair extensions that connect easily onto your own hair with a variety of easy to use hair clips, hair barrettes, or interlocking hair combs.

These hair extensions are designed to take your own hair from a basic everyday look into a more fashionable new hair look design in minutes!

It comes with directions of use and attachment ideas.

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  • Bfm 343

    LONG HAIR EXTENSION, Curls on Butterfly clip, # BFM 343, dome base allows attachment with or without clip, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Hair Extension on Hair Barrette, it’s a Curly fashion accessory for back area; style# 234, synthetic hair fiber that permanently curled.

  • Hair Fashion Extension on a Barrette; Long straight hair @ 18″, style# 315, synthetic fiber hair, EZ to make into a braid!

  • Hair Extension on a hair barrette; Style #319, An S-Wave Barrette attachment @ 21″ hair lengths, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Hair Extension with Long wavy curls, Style #322- A Long S-Wave Fall with Hair Barrette Attachment, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Hair Extension Clip-on, smallest size hidden under hair, # 284, pre-curled as shown @ 5″ length, synthetic hair fiber.

  • Cute Tips hair extension on a butterfly clip with a Spikie stand-up hair style, synthetic hair fiber, style# CT-001.

  • Hair Extension, Clip-on, Style BFM 301, 5″ pre-curled Synthetic hair fiber

  • Hair Extension that’s a “Clip on” with a Spikie hair fashion! Style BFM 340, Butterfly Hair Clip inside hair, synthetic hair fiber!

  • Hair Extension, Page Boy hair style on Butterfly clip; style BFM 235, can be turned upside down to become a layered shag style; synthetic hair fiber.

  • Hair Extension on a butterfly clip; Bologna Curls especially ideal for “IRISH DANCERS! Style# BFM-345, Synthetic hair fiber.

  • Curly hair extension, BFM-304, Tight Corkscrew Type Curls, synthetic hair fiber, butterfly clip-on attachment.