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  • Blonde clip-in hair extension on black background.

    Integration hair Extension, (can also be used as Mini Fall at top crown area), made of 100% Human Hair @10 “, HBT-6.5X10H, adds volume n length, fits under own hair!

  • Topper, 100% Remy human hair @ 16″ throughout, # 182-H, hand ventilated, 6″X6″ with perfect fit concave head shape, double layer transparent mono silk and poly boarder.

  • TOPPER with a fine soft texture of Human Hair at 14″ to 16″, Oblong Thin Base, Base Shape designed for top/frontal or back crown areas, style #262

  • Mannequin head with brown wig


  • TOPPER, 100% HUMAN HAIR, with side extensions and a concave shaped base design, ILLUSION front hairline, transparent double layer MONO silk base with poly side/borders, # 249 has 14″hair lengths throughout!

  • Hairpiece and smiling woman showcasing hair extensions.

    100% Human Hair Mini-Fall @ 16″ of hand made hair lengths,# 251-16H, hand made rectangular base spreads hair around head, adds volume and fullness.

  • Woman with enhanced hair volume after treatment.

    Clip-in 100% HUMAN HAIR 16″ Accent Hair Extension, STYLE# EZ-16H, adds a touch of Volume and/or an accent of color highlighting.

  • Human Hair Fall w/extra large Demi cap base, Style# 307-H with 16″ hair lengths throughout by Look of Love! Creates lots of hair fullness!

  • Integration Hairpieces 101: The Ultimate Solution for Thinning Hair

    Lace front natural looking WIG, shoulder length PAGE BOY STYLE, w/bangs; Style 943 S, silk transparent top, new Futura synthetic polyester fiber hair.

  • Wig, Longer Shoulder hair length, Professionally designed, Style 942, Illusion front with mono transparent silk top, made with new Futura Polyester Hair Fiber

  • Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic: Discover the Superior Choice with Look of Love

    Wig Style past shoulders made with new Futura heat resistant fiber hair, illusion front hairline with mono silk top, style# 442,

  • HAIR EXTENSION, Synthetic Long Hair @ 18″, Base @ 6.5″, for Back/Crown area of head, style# HBT-6.5×18