Human Hair Integration Hairpieces

A collection of the finest designed quality human hair enhancements money can buy! Natural 100% Human Hair can’t be beat for it’s naturalness and blending in power with your own hair; the effect is a perfect match in texture and feel; also allows you to use same hot implements as you would for your own hair!

Integration pieces are from short hair for top area of head to mid and longer hair length fillers for back of head areas. easy to attach they simply snap in your own hair where you need them.They even have the ability to pull some of your own hair through the slots to blend in.

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  • Blonde clip-in hair extension on black background.

    Integration hair Extension, (can also be used as Mini Fall at top crown area), made of 100% Human Hair @10 “, HBT-6.5X10H, adds volume n length, fits under own hair!

  • TOPPER, Human Hair @ 6″, Style# 237-H, fine airy texture, light weight, has integration possibilities.

  • human hair topper

    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER – #137-H, with 12″ hair lengths, High Quality all hand made mono silk and extended crown area for added volume.

  • TOPPER with a fine soft texture of Human Hair at 14″ to 16″, Oblong Thin Base, Base Shape designed for top/frontal or back crown areas, style #262

  • Woman demonstrating hairpiece usage with close-up view.

    Topper, Petite Sized hair filler, 100% Human hair, # NTN6H, 100% all hand crocheted base

  • Hair extension piece and woman with voluminous hairstyle

    Long 16″ Human Hair Filler on a mini sized base, hand crocheted, # NTN16H adds fullness in spots where and when needed.

  • Woman with enhanced hair volume after treatment.

    Clip-in 100% HUMAN HAIR 16″ Accent Hair Extension, STYLE# EZ-16H, adds a touch of Volume and/or an accent of color highlighting.

  • CLIP-IN VARIOUS WIDTHS OF THIN BASED CUSTOM HAIR EXTENSIONS (attaches under own hair undetectably!)

  • mini hair fall extensions

    HAIR EXTENSION 100% Human Hair @16″ throughout, wrap around# HBT-11X16H attachment 5 snap comb clips, EZ attach/remove.

  • Hair integration system before and after demonstration.

    Integration Topper in 100% HUMAN HAIR w/slide-thru base design, HBT 4X6-H, 6″ hair lengths throughout.

  • Hair integration system tutorial with before and after results.

    Integration Human Hair Topper, Larger Base, HBT PU ELITE-10H, open slits allows pull thru own hair; 10″ hair length

  • Butterfly hair extensions

    Style #WEFT COMBO SET – 100% Remy Human Hair Double Weft – 18″ HAIR EXTENSIONS