Human Hair Hairpieces

100% All Human Hair is what this collection is all about! Everything from the smallest size basic hair filler to the most natural high quality 3/4 hair replacement pieces, this extraordinary collection has all the most fital designs in mind for woman wants the best of the best!

Human hair falls that grace your head in the most natural way ever! Exclusive hand made units that feature illusion front hair lines that can replace of your own hair with the ultimate in naturalness! There is so much more to see and explain that we could write a book about the advantages of real Human Hair; not to mention the styling ability of using hot implements!

We hope you enjoy viewing our collection of THE WORLDS FINEST 100% ALL HUMAN HAIR COLLECTION!

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  • Hbt6.5x10 H Inside

    Human Hair Integrations HAIR FILLER, HBT-6.5X10H – designed to add volume, length, fullness within own hair from the back/crown areas! 10″ hair lengths, easy to use connection, base width size 6.5″to 7″


    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER #113-H @ 6″ hair length, hand made double layer transparent silk-mono base with 1/2″ PU boarder; base 5″ X 4.5″, very light weight.

  • style # 118 h human hair topper by look of love, 8" hair lengths, 6"x 6" concave base, double mono silk base w/poly boarder

    Human Hair Topper # 118 H by Look of Love, 8″ hair lengths, 6″X 6″ base with concave head shape, lined w/double mono-silk base w/Poly boarder.

  • HUMAN HAIR TOPPER # 237-H is 100% all HAND MADE with a very fine hair texture great for those with fine hair of their own, light weight honeycomb base design; 6″ hair lengths

  • Human Hair Topper with 16″ hair lengths, #182-H, all hand made fuller than most; hand made w/double layer mono/poly boarder; base size 6″X6″.

  • human hair topper

    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER – #137-H, with 12″ hair lengths, High Quality all hand made mono silk and extended crown area for added volume.

  • Style #262H – Transparent Mono Human Hair Oblong Shape Topper for top of head area, Fine 14″ hair length

  • 100% HUMAN HAIR 3/4 Demi-Cap “TOPPER”, STYLE# 267-H; Maximum Coverage unit before a full wig, silk mono top/illusion hair line, hand made.

  • new 948 sh jan22

    Style 948-SH – 16″ 100% Remy Human Hair Wig THROUGHOUT by Look of Love; transparent silk top, illusion front hair line (custom orders for various cap sizes and special colorations accepted)

  • TOPPER, STYLE# 249 H, 100% HUMAN HAIR, larger base design from side to side for better coverage of side areas; with natural looking ILLUSION FRONT HAIRLINE, transparent MONO silk base, 14″ HAIR LENGTHS.

  • Human Hair Mini-Fall/Hair Filler, #251-16H, Blends in and Enhances own hair! Rectangular shape base allows hair to spread out around head.

  • 100% human wigs

    HUMAN HAIR FALL with 16″ Hair Lengths, Style# 142-H by Look of Love is worn at the crown area where the hair distributes around head to blend in with own hair.