Human Hair Falls

An elegant collection of Human Hair Wigs is the most desirable line of human hair falls ever! Offered is everything from the smallest type of hair filler fall to the largest 3/4 cap coverage with a full head of hair and everything in between.

Unlike fiber pieces, you can restyle them using hot irons, flat irons, round brushes, and blowers; the amount of different hairstyling design effects can only be done using 100% Human Hair.

Some pieces in this collection, clip-in at the back areas of the head to add fullness and lengths to your own hair!. For those who like the best products available this is a great selection!

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  • Blonde clip-in hair extension on black background.

    Integration hair Extension, (can also be used as Mini Fall at top crown area), made of 100% Human Hair @10 “, HBT-6.5X10H, adds volume n length, fits under own hair!

  • Mannequin head with brown wig


  • Clip-in hairpiece and woman showing hair extension results.

    100% Human Hair Mini-Fall @ 16″ of hand made hair lengths,# 251-16H, hand made rectangular base spreads hair around head, adds volume and fullness.

  • 100% human wigs

    Human Hair Fall @16″ Hair Lengths, Style# 143-H, Triangular skull cap design spread hair around head best.

  • Human Hair Fall w/extra large Demi cap base, Style# 307-H with 16″ hair lengths throughout by Look of Love! Creates lots of hair fullness!

  • Butterfly hair extensions

    Style #WEFT COMBO SET – 100% Remy Human Hair Double Weft – 18″ HAIR EXTENSIONS

  • Style 221-H Human Hair Switch @ 22″ hair lengths top to bottom; 3 Tier Base makes braiding EZ, elastic Loop connection. Hot implements can make any wave patterns, makes great chignons!

  • Human Hair Extension 16″ Lengths, 333 H, Attachment Wing Combs or Banana Comb