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***ALL ABOUT FIBER HAIR***: IT SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD THAT “FIBER HAIR” DOES NOT HAVE ANY CUTICLE IN WHICH TO ABSORB ANYTHING SO EACH OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED TO TREAT THE SURFACES OF FIBER IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE BEST WAY POSSIBLE; WHETHER CLEANING, CONDITIONING, HOLDING HAIR SPRAY, SHINING, OR ADDING VOLUME, OUR “IT” COLLECTION ALL HAS SPECIAL INGREDIENTS DESIGNED JUST FOR FIBER HAIR! EACH PRODUCT LISTED HAS A DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE OUTSTANDING FEATURES PRE-BUILT INTO EVERY PRODUCTS. Kleans-IT: a concentrated cleaning shampoo formulated to clean the hair fiber as well as the base material more effectively than regular hair shampoos; plus it contains a built in mild fabric softener. Condition-IT: a thick rich formula design to treat the surfaces of hair fiber in such a way as to leaves a slight protective film of conditioner on the fiber hair itself; also controls any static electricity which can damage thin fiber hairs. Note: this product is also a wonderful final rinse ingredient by adding an once into the final rinse water which you not rinse it off. Style-IT: A special formulated holding hair spray designed to hold hair in place all day; the special feature is that it is designed not to coat hair and leave any build up, plus it is water soluble and washing out completely. Volume-IT: a special enhancing spray on product that leaves a light coating of factory oriented process that smooths and revitalizes fiber hair when re-styling fiber hair products. Shine-IT: When fiber hair gets older and looses it sheen and shine, this product helps to re-establish a natural factory like new sheen back into fiber hair. Shampoo-it and Condition-it: are the two products we designed for 100% human hair used in our line of human hair wigs and hairpieces; these products are exclusively design to treat color treated and/or damaged human hair!

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