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A Human Hair Wigs for woman has a wig selection of many wig styles, hair colors, construction cap designs, and special handling of each on sold.

Many feature special transparent mono-filament tops, illusion frontier hairlines, adjustable sizing bands, and more.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of wigs at your leisure!

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  • Style 189 Mid Length Precision Cut “BOB”; full transparent hand made mono silk top with full illusion front hairline; made of 100% Futura heat resistant hair fiber.

  • Style #187 S Shorter “Bob” page boy hair cut wig style with Sweeping Bangs, made with Furtura synthetic fiber hair!

  • 959 style

    Style 959 by Look of Love is a mid-length Futura fiber wig style with with a soft natural blow cut hair style, features Illusion front hairline with silk top!

  • 977 away

    Style #977-S A professional styled wig with closer nape and longer sides; natural soft transparent silk top with illusion front hairline!

  • style# 600 s wig, capless base, mono top, illusion front hairline; futura fiber hair, pre styled


  • 525 frontal

    Style 525 – Wig style with Super Styling Versatility! A Soft hairstyle with lots of body and texture; so easy to style and maneuver into volumes of waves!

  • Style #180-S Mid-Length Soft Layered Shag Wig, Cap less!

  • Style #706-S – The “Bixie-Cut” Wig Style Cut by Look of Love; equal parts of a Pixie cut and a Bob recreating one of today’s most popular haircuts!

  • Wig, Shoulder length Style 942, new Futura polyester wig fiber

  • 944s 1

    STYLE# 944-S – Mid-Length “BOB” hair fashion wig style just to the shoulders, made of Futura heat resistant hair fiber, mono top with illusion front hairline.

  • style 442 s long wig style past shoulders by look of love, with new futura longer lasting fiber hair, illusion front hairline, mono silk top.

    STYLE 442-S Long Wig Style past shoulders by Look of Love, with new Futura longer lasting fiber hair, illusion front hairline, mono silk top.

  • Style #778-S “Lourdes” – Shoulder Length Contemporary “Bob” – Monofilament Silk Top & 30% Human Hair / 70% Fiber Blend