Clip In Hair Extensions

Curly Human Hair Toppers are a collection of some of the newest hairpiece fashions designed to be used in conjunction with your own hairstyling desires! There is everything from hair accessories like scrunchies, braids, clip-on, short and long falls, to quality more serious hand made toppers and hair replacements with mono silk top and illusion front hairlines that you cannot tell where the hairpiece actually begins at the hairline!

You will have a lot of fun just looking around at all the various hairpiece designs to “Look at your best”!

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    STYLE# 298- CURLY CLIP-ON HAIR ACCESSORY W/small sized Banana comb clip attachment.

  • Hbt6.5x10 H Inside

    Human Hair Integrations System, HBT-6.5X10H – designed to add volume, length, fullness in with and underneath own hair! 10″ hair lengths, easy to attach and remove yourself!



  • style # 118 h human hair topper by look of love, 8" hair lengths, 6"x 6" concave base, double mono silk base w/poly boarder

    Human Hair Topper # 118 H

  • TOPPER, Human Hair @ 6″, Style# 237-H, fine airy texture, light weight, has integration possibilities.

  • Human Hair Topper 182 H (16″ HAIR)

  • human hair topper

    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER – #137-H, with 12″ hair lengths, High Quality all hand made mono silk and extended crown area for added volume.

  • TOPPER, STYLE# 249 H, 100% HUMAN HAIR, larger base design from side to side for better coverage of side areas; with natural looking ILLUSION FRONT HAIRLINE, transparent MONO silk base, 14″ HAIR LENGTHS.

  • Human Hair Mini-Fall/Hair Filler, #251-16H, Blends in and Enhances own hair! Rectangular shape base allows hair to spread out around head.

  • 100% human wigs

    FALL, Human Hair 16″ Lengths, Style# 143-H

  • Topper, Petite, human hair, NTN-6H

  • Spot Human Hair Filler, Small size base, Long, 16″lengths, style# NTN-16H,