Clip In Hair Extensions

Curly Human Hair Toppers are a collection of some of the newest hairpiece fashions designed to be used in conjunction with your own hairstyling desires! There is everything from hair accessories like scrunchies, braids, clip-on, short and long falls, to quality more serious hand made toppers and hair replacements with mono silk top and illusion front hairlines that you cannot tell where the hairpiece actually begins at the hairline!

You will have a lot of fun just looking around at all the various hairpiece designs to “Look at your best”!

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  • Topper, Longer 100% Remy human hair @ 16″ throughout, style# 182-H, hand ventilated 6″ X 6″ transparent silk

  • Integration Hair Extension for added fullness to own hair, style# HBT-6.5X10, synthetic fiber hair, clip in hair.

  • HAIR EXTENSION, Synthetic Long Hair @ 18″, Base @ 6.5″, for Back/Crown area of head, style# HBT-6.5×18

  • style 263 f skinny topper, transparent mono silk; 18" hair length; covers thinning areas top/frontal areas.


  • style 413 "bigger topper" more coverage than the average topper by look of love; plus super natural illusion front hairline with ventilated transparent silk!

    TOPPER with larger base coverage, # 413, hand tied transparent silk top with an illusion front hairline, new heat resistant Futura synthetic hair fiber

  • style 414 hair topper with extra coverage and longer hair length of 14" by look of love! mono silk transparent top/natural illusion front hairline/new futura hair fiber.

    TOPPER, larger coverage base, # 414, new Futura heat resistant polyester hair fiber, SHOULDER LENGTH @14″ to 15″, hand made transparent silk top with illusion front.

  • Hair Extensions, 100% Human Hair @ 16″ hair lengths; base width 6.5″, attachment 3 sap clips, style# Hair-Be-Tween 6.5x16H

  • Hair Extension Clip-on, smallest size hidden under hair, # 284, pre-curled as shown @ 5″ length, synthetic hair fiber.

  • Hair Extension, Page Boy hair style on Butterfly clip; style BFM 235, can be turned upside down to become a layered shag style; synthetic hair fiber.

  • 292 updated

    Hair Extension; CLIP ON HAIR, Style# 292, shoulder length layered, synthetic hair, Interlocking Wing Combs or Banana Comb Clip Attachments!

  • Hair Extension on butterfly claw clip, style# BFM 280, pre-layered lengths with soft waves, synthetic hair fiber

  • Hair Extension with butterfly clip-on attachment, # BFM 344, synthetic hair fiber, lots of natural curls past collar lengths!