Comb Clips For Hair Extensions

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  • Woman with enhanced hair volume after treatment.

    Clip-in 100% HUMAN HAIR 16″ Accent Hair Extension, STYLE# EZ-16H, adds a touch of Volume and/or an accent of color highlighting.

  • Ruler and adhesive labels on table

    HAIR EXTENSION REPLACEMENT TAPES @ 120 strips per pkg. (see other uses below)

  • synthetic hair switches

    Style #288 – Braided Hair Switch at 24″ hair length, not too thick or wide, made of Kanekalon fiber, ready to use in a variety of hair style designs, attachment large size snap comb clip.

  • Style #293 – CURLS FOR GIRLS! A Mid-length TIGHTER Curl hair extension on a Banana Comb clip

  • Woman with curly updo hairstyle and sequined outfit.

    Hair Extension on a 7″ Banana Comb Clip; mid-length style# 295, pre-curled Synthetic fiber hair.

  • Woman with curly updo hairstyle and purple sweater.

    Style 285 – Curly Hair Extension adds layers of soft mid length curls; add volumes of fashion beauty to the crown and back area! On Banana Comb Clip. !

  • Woman with voluminous updo hairstyle.

    Style #270 – Soft Hair Extension Fashion with lots of volume on banana comb clip

  • Woman with teased hair and hoop earrings.

    Style 280 Hair Extension on inter-locking wing comb set, layered medium hair lengths of Kanekalon fiber

  • Woman with curly hair smiling in blue top.

    Hair Extension, lots of curls, shoulder length, attachment banana comb clip, style# 273, synthetic hair fibers,

  • Woman with curly hair in yellow top.

    Style #274 – Layers of Bologna Curls on 7″ Banana Comb Clip Hair Extension; An Irish Dancers Delite!

  • Woman with vintage 80s hairstyle and red outfit.

    Hair Extension; CLIP ON HAIR, Style# 292, shoulder length layered, synthetic hair, Interlocking Wing Combs or Banana Comb Clip Attachments!

  • Style #296 – Long Wavy Hair Extension Pony Tail attached on a set of Wing Combs and/or banana comb clip!