clip on hair extensions

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  • Blonde hairpiece toupee on white background.

    Style# 513-IL Hair Topper with transparent mono silk base with an incredible natural Illusion Front Hair Line, made of 100% heat resistant Futura-Fiber hair.

  • Blonde clip-in hair extension on black background.

    Integration hair Extension, EZ clip in, 100% Human Hair 10 “, HBT-6.5X10H, adds volume n length, fits under own hair!



  • Mannequin head displaying short wig, with sizing diagram.

    Human Hair Topper # 118 H

  • TOPPER, Human Hair @ 6″, Style# 237-H, fine airy texture, light weight, has integration possibilities.

  • Topper, Longer 100% Remy human hair @ 16″ throughout, style# 182-H, hand ventilated 6″ X 6″ transparent silk

  • human hair topper

    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER – #137-H, with 12″ hair lengths, High Quality all hand made mono silk and extended crown area for added volume.

  • TOPPER with a fine soft texture of Human Hair at 14″ to 16″, Oblong Thin Base, Base Shape designed for top/frontal or back crown areas, style #262

  • Smiling woman with curly hair wearing a white dress.

    LONG HAIR EXTENSION, Curls on Butterfly clip, # BFM 343, dome base allows attachment with or without clip, synthetic fiber hair.

  • Woman with enhanced hair volume after treatment.

    Clip-in 100% HUMAN HAIR 16″ Accent Hair Extension, STYLE# EZ-16H, adds a touch of Volume and/or an accent of color highlighting.

  • Woman demonstrating hairpiece attachment method.

    Synthetic hair Integration TOPPER; #HBT 4X4 small size; own hair slides thru openings and integrates in with extra hair, adds fullness.

  • Hairpiece integration and attachment process demonstration on woman.

    TOPPER, Larger Pull-Thru Integration base size 5″X 5″ covers a larger area, pre-curled synthetic hair fiber @ 5″, HBT-XTRA