Clip-on/in Hair Extensions

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  • TOPPER, Human Hair @ 6″, Style# 237-H, fine airy texture, light weight, has integration possibilities.

  • Topper, largest coverage base, style# 158, honeycomb capless construction, EZ styling pre-curled synthetic hair fiber!

  • human hair wig for women

    FALL, HAIR EXTENSION made with 30% HUMAN HAIR/70% SYNTHETIC FIBER blend, 16″ hair lengths w/honey comb base design# 142 HB

  • Woman with curly updo hairstyle and sequined outfit.

    Hair Extension on a 7″ Banana Comb Clip; mid-length style# 295, pre-curled Synthetic fiber hair.

  • Style 255 – Hair Extension Spiky style in synthetic hair, EZ to attach Banana Comb Clip, ready to wear!

  • Woman with voluminous updo hairstyle.

    Style #270 – Soft Hair Extension Fashion with lots of volume on banana comb clip

  • Mannequin with mixed braids and curls hairstyle.

    SCRUNCHY with thin Braids mixed in between, # 108 , attaches like any other scrunchy but has thin comb for extra secure attachment.

  • Blonde clip-in hair extension on black background.

    Integration hair Extension, (can also be used as Mini Fall at top crown area), made of 100% Human Hair @10 “, HBT-6.5X10H, adds volume n length, fits under own hair!

  • TOPPER with a fine soft texture of Human Hair at 14″ to 16″, Oblong Thin Base, Base Shape designed for top/frontal or back crown areas, style #262

  • human hair shag

    HAIR EXTENSION ON AN INTER-CHANGABLE HAIR BARRETTE, E-Z ATTACHMENT ONTO OWN HAIR AT NAPE, features mid–length wavy curls for back nape, synthetic hair fiber, style# 125.

  • Style# 254 Pony Express Long Curly Clip On Ponytail with Banana Comb or Wing Comb Attachment

    Style #254 – Long Luxurious Curls For Girls!! Hair Extensions made for the Easy Way with our new “HAIR RAZORS” attachment method!!

  • Style #264 -Pony Express’ Longest Hair Extension featuring lots of wavy curls, made with Kanekalon fibers!