Clip-on Hair Extensions

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    STYLE# 298- CURLY CLIP-ON HAIR ACCESSORY W/small sized Banana comb clip attachment.

  • Hbt6.5x10 H Inside

    Human Hair Integrations HAIR FILLER, HBT-6.5X10H – designed to add volume, length, fullness within own hair from the back/crown areas! 10″ hair lengths, easy to use connection, base width size 6.5″to 7″


    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER #113-H @ 6″ hair length, hand made double layer transparent silk-mono base with 1/2″ PU boarder; base 5″ X 4.5″, very light weight.

  • style # 118 h human hair topper by look of love, 8" hair lengths, 6"x 6" concave base, double mono silk base w/poly boarder

    Human Hair Topper # 118 H by Look of Love, 8″ hair lengths, 6″X 6″ base with concave head shape, lined w/double mono-silk base w/Poly boarder.

  • HUMAN HAIR TOPPER # 237-H is 100% all HAND MADE with a very fine hair texture great for those with fine hair of their own, light weight honeycomb base design; 6″ hair lengths

  • Human Hair Topper with 16″ hair lengths, #182-H, all hand made fuller than most; hand made w/double layer mono/poly boarder; base size 6″X6″.

  • human hair topper

    HUMAN HAIR TOPPER – #137-H, with 12″ hair lengths, High Quality all hand made mono silk and extended crown area for added volume.

  • 100% HUMAN HAIR 3/4 Demi-Cap “TOPPER”, STYLE# 267-H; Maximum Coverage unit before a full wig, silk mono top/illusion hair line, hand made.

  • TOPPER, STYLE# 249 H, 100% HUMAN HAIR, larger base design from side to side for better coverage of side areas; with natural looking ILLUSION FRONT HAIRLINE, transparent MONO silk base, 14″ HAIR LENGTHS.

  • Human Hair Mini-Fall/Hair Filler, #251-16H, Blends in and Enhances own hair! Rectangular shape base allows hair to spread out around head.

  • 100% human wigs

    HUMAN HAIR FALL with 16″ Hair Lengths, Style# 142-H by Look of Love is worn at the crown area where the hair distributes around head to blend in with own hair.

  • Mini Spot Hair Filler/Fall, 100% Human Hair all hand made @ 16″ hair length, style# NTN16H by Look of Love adds instant fullness in thin areas!