Clip-on/in Hair Extensions

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  • Integration Hair Extension for added fullness, HBT-6.5X10, synthetic fiber hair, clip in EXTRA HAIR.

  • HAIR EXTENSION, Synthetic Long Hair @ 18″, Base @ 6.5″, for Back/Crown area of head, style# HBT-6.5×18

  • Cute Tips hair extension on a butterfly clip with a Spikie stand-up hair style, synthetic hair fiber, style# CT-001.

  • Hair Extension, Clip-on, Style BFM 301, 5″ pre-curled Synthetic hair fiber

  • Hair Extension with largest Butterfly clip-on coverage crown to nape, Style# BFL 300, permanently pre-curled synthetic hair @ 5″.

  • Clip-on hair extension, layered pre-curled hair lengths, style# BFM-302, synthetic hair fiber, butterfly clip attachment.

  • Woman with curly ponytail showcasing hidden hair clip.

    Hair extension, butterfly “claw clip” attachment, curls to shoulders, style# BFM 308, synthetic hair fibers.

  • Hair Extension that’s a “Clip on” with a Spikie hair fashion! Style BFM 340, Butterfly Hair Clip inside hair, synthetic hair fiber!

  • Hair Extension, Page Boy hair style on Butterfly clip; style BFM 235, can be turned upside down to become a layered shag style; synthetic hair fiber.

  • Hair Extension on a clip, Long 15″ softly waved Pony tail, BFM 303, synthetic hair fiber, also Reversible with longer wavier layers!

  • Hair Extension on butterfly claw clip, style# BFM 280, pre-layered lengths with soft waves, synthetic hair fiber

  • Claw-Clip on Hair Extension, 17″ soft straight hair length, reversible, style# BFM 310, synthetic fiber hair.