Butterfly Clip Attachment

Butterfly Claw Clip-On Hair Fashion Accessories innovated by Robert Anzivino, designer

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  • Bfm 343

    BFM-343 CLIP ON HAIR EXTENSION w/Butterfly clip, long texturized 20″ tendrils on a dome base that can be used with the clip or on it’s own with a pull string inside base. .

  • Clip on messy bun at crown, has finer hair texture, with hidden butterfly clip, BFS 339 is smallest version, pre-curled synthetic fiber

  • Cute Tips-001 Spikie hair extension at top a butterfly claw clip OR on a Wing Comb!

  • Hair Extension on Butterfly Clip, Style BFM 301 with 5″ Kanekalon fiber hair, layers of stylish curls!

  • Clip-on hair extension, layered pre-curled hair lengths, style# BFM-302, synthetic hair fiber, butterfly clip attachment.

  • Hair Extension with largest Butterfly clip-on coverage crown to nape, Style# BFL 300, permanently pre-curled synthetic hair @ 5″.

  • Clip in Hair Extension with a Spikie fashion flair! Style# BFM-340, Butterfly Hair Clip inside hair, synthetic hair fiber!

  • Style BFM-235 – PAGE BOY PONY Extension on BUTTERFLY CLIP; Can be turned upside down to become a layered shag style.

  • Style #BFM-345- Mid Length Full Bologna Curls on a butterfly clip; special for “IRISH DANCERS!

  • Style #BFM-304 – Tight Corkscrew Curls

  • Style BFM-280 – Clip on Hair Extension butterfly claw clip connection, medium layered hair lengths, soft wave, Kanekalon synthetic hair fiber

  • Style #BFM-303 – Pony tail clip-on 15″ hair extension w/natural soft wave!