Q) How do I maintain my hairpiece or wig made of 100% synthetic fiber?

A) Synthetic hairpieces and wigs are pre-made with baked in memory curl patterns that will last even after washing. When storing your hairpiece, simply place in a box or cover it with a thin silky light weight material as to not let dust, odors, or anything else accumulate.

Washing and conditioning: remember, synthetic hair, unlike human hair, does not have cuticle to absorb anything. Therefore, you should use products designed to treat surfaces of hair.
(see our accessory page for such designed products).

How to wash and condition synthetic hairpieces:

Using a plastic bowl to suit, fill with enough cool water to cover the hairpiece completely; (hot water can eventually cause loss of curl patterns in fiber hair).

Add proper amount of synthetic hair shampoo (see directions on bottle) to water and mix before submerging hairpiece in solution; allow to soak for about 5 minutes; squish shampoo/water through hairpiece a couple time but do not rub hair together to clean.

Rinsing: After removing hairpiece from shampoo, drain water and fill bowl with new clean water and submerge hairpiece and squish hairpiece a couple times. Drain water and fill up with new clean water but this time add about an ounce of conditioner (see our accessory page) into the rinse water and mix before submerging. Allow to soak for 5 minutes; remove hairpiece shake out excess water and lay on a towel to dry over night.

Extra conditioning: It is a good idea to spray on additional conditioner onto the hairpiece after it is dry to add added protection to the hair fiber from frizzing from static electricity.

Q) Can you re-curl synthetic hairpiece?

A) Yes, if done correctly; E.G. You can set in hair rollers then pour very hot water over each hair roller with the fiber hair around it and allow to air dry over night.

Q) How do I maintain my hair piece or wig made of 100% human hair?

A) Human hair has cuticle that can absorb moisturizing shampoo’s, conditioners, and the like. Therefore, the products you choose to use for washing and conditioning should be made based upon the ingredients to help maintain your human hair piece in it’s best long lasting condition. (see our accessory page for these products).

Washing human hair pieces:
Always use cool to luke-warm water, always mix in conditioning shampoo, not the water first, and mix thoroughly before submerging hairpiece.
Note: for longer hair length pieces it is a good idea to always drag the hair through the shampoo water solution in a continuous movement from the base to the ends; repeat several times. Do not go up and down with the hair, do not scrub or rub hair together; remember that human hair has cuticle that always faces in a downward direction from the base to the ends of the hair lengths. This will help to keep the hair from tangling up when washing!!!

Rinsing human hair:
After emptying out the shampoo water, fill up with clean new water and proceed to drag the hairpiece through the water in same way as stated above when washing, do this several times.
If soapy condition still is visible you should re-rinse a second time; always a good idea to add some human hair conditioner (see our accessory page) into the last rinse water and mix before submerging.
Shake out well and allow to naturally air dry over night, either on a towel or on a wire wig rack (see our accessory page)
Re-styling: Human hair can be re-styled using curling irons, hair rollers, and etc same as you would use on your own hair.


They are PERFECT!  The darker one works beautifully now, and I am heading straight toward the greyer one.  What a beautiful job your crafters have done for me! I could not be more pleased, not only with the pieces, but with the entire process.  You made the experience so easy and pleasant— and successful in every way.

Thank you