April 4, 2024

The “IN’s and OUT’s” For Buying Hair Toppers For Women That’s Right For You!

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Here are some important facts to consider regarding “what’s best for you” before buying a topper!

There are two main categories of Hair Toppers for women:

  1. 100% Human hair toppers for women
  2. Synthetic hair toppers for women


Here are some major differences in the Pros and Cons of each category:


The Pros of Human Hair Toppers for women:

  • Human hair toppers are longer lasting and more durable over time and use. Plus, they have less sheen than synthetic hair and may appear and feel just like your own hair.
  • Human hair toppers can easily be re-styled and re-curled using rollers, hot implements; they can also be colored or rinsed to enrich hair color like new. Additionally, they can be re-conditioned using a wide variety of human hair conditioners sold in the marketplace.
  • Human hair is easier for professional salons and hair stylists to work with and re-style as there are no differences in the manner of styling techniques using hot tools, etc., the same as used on your own hair.

The Cons of Human Hair Toppers for women:

  • They are more expensive to buy, especially since light hair colors will now cost more than dark colors due to the extra cost for color processing into light hair colors from its original dark hair.
  • Colors can fade slightly over time and use.
  • After washing, they usually need to be re-curled, conditioned, and/or re-styled, especially after each washing.
  • Human hair toppers for women can absorb moisture from humidity and possibly change the curl pattern. They can also absorb odors over time when used in various situations.
  • It is best to use specialized conditioning-rich shampoos and strong conditioners made especially for damaged hair toppers for women as the hair becomes more porous and damaged than regular hair because the hair does not grow out, and the same hair is repeatedly washed and re-styled with hot implements over and over. Visit LookofLove.com and go to “Accessories” to see some of these specialized products for human hair wigs and hairpieces.

The PROS AND CONS About Synthetic hair toppers for women:

The Pros of synthetic fiber hair toppers for women:

  • They cost much less than human hair toppers for women, and you can buy several for the same cost as one human hair topper for women.
  • Synthetic hair toppers for women hold their curl pattern even after washing and resort back to their original curl pattern even after getting wet from the rain or from washing.
  • The newer hair fibers known as Futura hair fiber are more heat resistant than any other synthetic hair fiber to date. This fiber can be re-curled using hot water after the setting.
  • Synthetic hair fiber is color fast and less prone to fading in color.
  • They can be re-styled and remove any frizziness by using certain professional techniques.
  • There are no price differences because of color.

The Cons of synthetic hair toppers for women:

  • The life expectancy of fiber wigs and pieces is usually shorter than human hair.
  • Longer hair length hairstyles tend to frizz up from friction over time of use of wearing; they need professional servicing to remove this frizz from time to time. So there may be some extra costs involved for this service.
  • People have a hard time trying to re-curl the fiber themselves as there is a special technique needed to be learned.


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April 4, 2024


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